This novel comes in two parts but when you get through the first one (which is free on Kindle) you really must have the second part to see how it ends.
This novel starts out with a father at work, he is trying to finish as early as possible so that he can get home to celebrate his daughters 18th birthday, all the while his wife and daughter are setting up and starting the celebrations.
When the father gets their his home i8s ablaze and he wakes up in a hospital bed to find out that not only has his home and all his belongings been lost, his wife and daughter did not survive either. Having suffered major burns while trying to save them, it leaves him going into hiding so he can escape the prying eyes. He inherits quiet a substantial sum of money and uses it to stay hidden in hotel rooms where he has ordered that all mirrors be removed.
He first emerges from his room when the trial begins of the man who is said to be responsible not only for the fire which claimed the lives of his family but for the rape of his daughter also. He sits in the back of the court and watches while the man responsible claims he is innocent and in the end gets off with what he has done.
Dermott Madison then starts to make his plans that will have him seeking the ultimate revenge with the help of three new identities in which he purchased. Dermott has planned to find out all who are involved with the man who destroyed his life, these people will become an apple on the tree from which he must pick. He plans out a series of scenarios in which will lead to the death of each apple, choosing carefully who of his identities will be in charge of the picking.
With the money he has inherited he has the funds to get his hands on the equipment in which he requires for each apple, this can be something small like untraceable poisons or something major that will control a vehicle that will lead to a fatal accident.
These novels where very addictive and I was eager to finish them as to find out what was going to happen next, if he would get his main victim before he was caught, if he would be caught or what way the story would end. I highly recommend these novels if you are interested in crime stories, for only 99p I think it is a real steal that will have you on the edge of your seat with expectations.

I was recently contacted by Lewis Collins and he enquired if I was interested in Crime novels and it just so happens I am, he very kindly sent me a copy of his book to read and I must say it was quiet an enjoying read.
The novel is based on a young man who has always turned to crime in order to keep himself in funds, but now he has changed and he along with his girlfriend are expecting their first baby. He tries very hard to hold down a job but any time something goes wrong, because of his criminal background, the finger gets pointed at him and he is back to square one again.
Finding it hard to get by and not wanting his child to have nothing when they are born he decides to do one last job, a job never been done before. They find their target easy enough and because he is worth so much they hope to get off £3 million better off each from it. The plans are set in motion and after it is all set to go, they set the ball rolling and make their first move.
I tend to get carried away when I read a good story so forgive me if I say to much! This novel was really good and the plan is really good. At a few stages I was so convinced that they would get caught and it kept me on the edge of my seat at all times. For me this was a very good read and I really enjoyed it. The author has created a good start of novel that could possibly lead to a spin off as the setting at the end suggests that more could be said about the characters. I'd like to see if any of them return to crime once their money runs out or if they could possibly be caught at some stage. It's opened a few possibilities and I would be interested in reading more if it was to become available!

I have recently taken to reading crime novels. This is not a true crime novel but there will be many that I will be reading over the next while, I will be posting them here in this blog.
The main character in this novel is a detective, he is called Jake Helman and he is working on a very powerful case. A serial killer is at large and he kills all his victims in the same way. He leaves no evidence at the scene, which are always gruesome.
The latest victim, Shannon Reynolds is the scene he lasts visits prior to his world as a police detective falling apart.
When Helman leaves the scene, he ventures to a local cop friendly watering hole. In the restroom he takes a hit of cocaine to ease the visions that are in his mind. On leaving the restroom though, he walks into a robbery in progress. Fuelled with adrenaline and coke, he panics and shoots the perps although it is in self defense. Later during his enquirey with the internal police detectives, he refuses a drug/alcohol test knowing he will loose his badge. Instead he turns it in and quits the force.
In a twist at this stage, Helman is thrown out of his home by his wife because she has discovered the truth and no longer wants to be with him unless he sorts himself out. He is quick to be offered a very prostigious job as a security agent at Tower International. Nicolas Tower is the founder of the building but he has dropped from public view and on a daily basis, protesters gather outside the building.
It doesn't take Helman long to realise that there may be a connection between the serial killer and his new boss. There is many strange goings on at Tower international and after some snooping he discovers that the souls of the serial killers victims are being stored there.
This novel has so many different things going on at once. The serial killer is still at large and his latest victim while Jake has resigned from the force is one that brings Jakes emotions to a head. The death of his wife makes him seek revenge for her and brings him in contact with two beings who he thought no longer exsisted.
Both good and evil bring forth choices to Jake and it isn't until the last minutes you know which option he will choose. He doesn't know who to trust but he makes the decision reguardless.
The author gives you plenty of different stories throughout and the supernatural aspects were very welcome for me. My passion has always been for supernatural books, in this story we get a possible witch and a few imortal beings also.
The novel is quiet fast paced but the storyline is good if you can keep up with everything. I enjoyed it and am glad that the title suggests that there will be more novels in this series.

Being the first ever true crime book I have ever read I was very surprised as to how quickly I got through it. I was pleasently surprised by this account of Judge Larry Seidlin's story and was quickly turning the pages to see how things would progress.
Anna Nicole Smith was a very well known actress, model and a former U.S playmate. It was suspected that Anna died from a drug overdose while on vacation in the Bahamas and she had also just given birth to her daughter. Her body was to be  kept in Florida while it was finalised as to where she would be laid to rest. All the while her body was decomposing in the morgue.
This is when Larry Seidlin took the case along with a large number of lawyers, so then the trial could begin, lasting six days.
Many discoveries where made throughout the trial including Anna's own mother predicting that her daughter would die, information was gained as to her lawyer, a Mr Howard K Stern taking a bag containing drugs into the hospital for her while she was pregnant and also two people claiming they where the father to her newly born child.
Questions where raised about the death of Anna's son Daniel, who died a few months prior due to a overdose of Metadone even though he was not a drug user. Is it a coinsadence that both Anna and her son both died from a suspected drug overdose or was it something else completely, was it manslaughter? Anna was devastated by the loss of her son and Larry Seidlin believed that if Anna was not pregnant at the time of his passing, she may have died from a broken heart from her loss.
Throughout the six day trial Judge Larry Seidlin talks about how celebrities get addicted to drugs perscribed to them, the role in which the people who help them get what they need to keep there habit going and what they may have done that lead to the death of that person.
Evidence that is presented throughout the trial makes me agree with the opinion of the judge in this case. The similarities in the deaths of Anna and her son and also that of the late Micheal Jackson are presented.
It was requested by both possible fathers of Anna's daughter Dannielynn, that DNA test should be done to reveal the truth of her parentage. The tests revealed that Larry Birkhead was her father and therefore was awarded the title of being her legal guardian. He was adament that this was the case and even stated it saying "I hate to be the who told you this but: I told you so, I'm the father."
Larry Seidlin is now retired and this was his first book in which he wrote. He used information in which he gained throughout his three year investagation along with eye witness accounts, confidential files and trial transcrips in his findings for this book.
To be completely honest with you I am not usually interested in stories about drugs and celebrities but when I was recommended this book I thought I would give it a go anyway. I love reading true stories and was relieved to be reading something that was real and not just made up like what i always read. The view taken on by that of Larry Seidlin was one that had me not wanting to put this book down. It is always interesting to find out the truth behind the goings on in the world and this has now got me wanting to venture further into the true crime books that has been released to date. It is amazing what people see when in a position like Larry Seidlin and i am very glad that he took this opportunity to put it down on paper and share it with us all.