I was recently contacted by Lewis Collins and he enquired if I was interested in Crime novels and it just so happens I am, he very kindly sent me a copy of his book to read and I must say it was quiet an enjoying read.
The novel is based on a young man who has always turned to crime in order to keep himself in funds, but now he has changed and he along with his girlfriend are expecting their first baby. He tries very hard to hold down a job but any time something goes wrong, because of his criminal background, the finger gets pointed at him and he is back to square one again.
Finding it hard to get by and not wanting his child to have nothing when they are born he decides to do one last job, a job never been done before. They find their target easy enough and because he is worth so much they hope to get off £3 million better off each from it. The plans are set in motion and after it is all set to go, they set the ball rolling and make their first move.
I tend to get carried away when I read a good story so forgive me if I say to much! This novel was really good and the plan is really good. At a few stages I was so convinced that they would get caught and it kept me on the edge of my seat at all times. For me this was a very good read and I really enjoyed it. The author has created a good start of novel that could possibly lead to a spin off as the setting at the end suggests that more could be said about the characters. I'd like to see if any of them return to crime once their money runs out or if they could possibly be caught at some stage. It's opened a few possibilities and I would be interested in reading more if it was to become available!



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