I have recently taken to reading crime novels. This is not a true crime novel but there will be many that I will be reading over the next while, I will be posting them here in this blog.
The main character in this novel is a detective, he is called Jake Helman and he is working on a very powerful case. A serial killer is at large and he kills all his victims in the same way. He leaves no evidence at the scene, which are always gruesome.
The latest victim, Shannon Reynolds is the scene he lasts visits prior to his world as a police detective falling apart.
When Helman leaves the scene, he ventures to a local cop friendly watering hole. In the restroom he takes a hit of cocaine to ease the visions that are in his mind. On leaving the restroom though, he walks into a robbery in progress. Fuelled with adrenaline and coke, he panics and shoots the perps although it is in self defense. Later during his enquirey with the internal police detectives, he refuses a drug/alcohol test knowing he will loose his badge. Instead he turns it in and quits the force.
In a twist at this stage, Helman is thrown out of his home by his wife because she has discovered the truth and no longer wants to be with him unless he sorts himself out. He is quick to be offered a very prostigious job as a security agent at Tower International. Nicolas Tower is the founder of the building but he has dropped from public view and on a daily basis, protesters gather outside the building.
It doesn't take Helman long to realise that there may be a connection between the serial killer and his new boss. There is many strange goings on at Tower international and after some snooping he discovers that the souls of the serial killers victims are being stored there.
This novel has so many different things going on at once. The serial killer is still at large and his latest victim while Jake has resigned from the force is one that brings Jakes emotions to a head. The death of his wife makes him seek revenge for her and brings him in contact with two beings who he thought no longer exsisted.
Both good and evil bring forth choices to Jake and it isn't until the last minutes you know which option he will choose. He doesn't know who to trust but he makes the decision reguardless.
The author gives you plenty of different stories throughout and the supernatural aspects were very welcome for me. My passion has always been for supernatural books, in this story we get a possible witch and a few imortal beings also.
The novel is quiet fast paced but the storyline is good if you can keep up with everything. I enjoyed it and am glad that the title suggests that there will be more novels in this series.